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Magnificent Seven Review

Tyler Reynolds

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Watching the opening minutes of Magnificent Seven, the tone of the film almost feels like a different movie. What follows from the bleak opening is a light-hearted and action packed movie that could fit right alongside the summer blockbusters. This movie balances comedy, action, and drama in a way that old westerns should.

The most interesting part of the movie is obviously the characters. It’s in the name after all. Each of them are varied and interesting, ensuring that everyone will find something to like about them. However, as in every movie that has to balance multiple characters, some characters get more spotlight than others. Denzel Washington’s character is clearly the de facto leader, while Martin Sensmeier’s character gets arguably the least amount of time of the group. Overall, each character gets a moment to shine, some more than others.

The setting is also worth noting. The bulk of the movie takes place in and around an isolated town that has been taken over by a man and his army. Since the time period is the wild west, the town immediately takes you back to shows like Gunsmoke and Bonanza.Throughout the film, the town is filled with bullet holes, blown up, and almost levelled by all the action. The screen is regularly clouded with dirt and grime from the action, almost to include the audience in the movie.

In conclusion, Magnificent Seven is a success far and wide. The film has it’s faults, but the action, characters, and drama more than make up for it. This movie is a hopeful outlook for a resurgence in the old western boom of the 20th century.

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Magnificent Seven Review