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TCC Tours of PBHS

Bailey Schuerger, Write/photographer

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PBHS sophomore students went on some TCC tours to observe a variety of careers they are interested in. I interviewed a few of those students. These tours involved the students choosing a career they could potentially be interested in, and job shadowing for an hour to see if it spikes their interests.

Emily Birdsong was one of many sophomores to observe  computer graphic designs and computer maintenance. I asked her about the experience and she replied “The first one was enjoyable, but second was not as much so. “. Emily is considering doing graphic design if her credit requirements are met next year. During her first tour, which was computer graphic design, she was chosen to help with a task involving getting a computer screen ready to be put in a computer, while in her second tour there was nothing for students to participate in. I asked Emily if there was anything she learned and she said, “ I learned that there is more to computers and graphic design than I thought.”

Ben Fiske was another student I interviewed. He went to job shadow Health Occupations and Graphic Design. Ben enjoyed his trip and is glad he chose those two careers to take a tour of. Ben is interested in going into the Health field, therefore Health Occupations was his favorite. He is interested in doing the Health Occupations class next year if he is able. At the end of the interview I asked Ben if he learned anything on his trip and he said, “ I learned that to get into medical school, you have to have a 4.0 GPA.

The students ended up really enjoying the tours. They were happy that they got to see a little bit of a career they are interested in. I think that this is a good opportunity for the students to take. Students get the chance to observe a variety of careers that they could potentially be interested in.

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TCC Tours of PBHS