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Class Officer Elections

Megan Thomas, Staff Writer

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It’s a new school year, and with that comes new class officers. The candidates created videos and posters, all showing great effort towards gaining these positions. Students voted last Thursday, the results are as follows:


President – Sydney Knapp

Vice President – Wyatt Murphy

Secretary – Matthew Burcham

Treasurer – Shelby Eichhorn

Historian – Tehya Williams


President – Kaylee Barbour

Vice President – Sophie Rowland

Secretary – Mya White

Treasurer –Cara Bubanovich

Historian –Ethan Johnson


President – Eva Bedell

Vice President – Ross Dare

Secretary – Bailey Edmundson

Treasurer – Blake Haggerty

Historian – Alexis McClure


President – Hunter Pierce

Vice President – Clarissa Varner

Secretary – Grace Cooper

Treasurer –Britten Edmundson

Historian – Vielka Griffith

Three of the class presidents were asked a few questions about the election and their plans for this school year. All seemed very motivated and hopeful with a common goal to improve school spirit.

Sydney ran for class president because she sees herself as a good leader, and won for the second year in a row. She intends to spread the love and make everyone feel more welcome here at PBHS while improving school spirit. A better prom theme is also on her mind this year, so of course she was excited to hear she won.

Kaylee ran because she loves organization and looks forward to helping make the floats, banners, and just in general helping out. Her hope is to get students more involved in assemblies and to have more school spirit. She was also excited to win the the presidency

On her 5th year of running for a class office position, Eva finally got the win. She ran because she likes to take control and get things done, which can be quite an asset as a class president. This year she plans on organizing dances to be better and improving school spirit. Eva was very relieved to hear she finally won.

Good luck to all of our new class officers, let’s all have a great 2017-18 school year!

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Class Officer Elections