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The End of a Journey

Tyler Reynolds

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Wow, what a road it has been in this class. From our humble beginnings to our loud and obnoxious endpoint, we did an amazing job in this class. I couldn’t be more proud to say that I was in the journalism class at PBHS.
Ms. McCart, Ethan, Bailey, Chloe, Grace, Noah, Meghan, Megan, Tori, Jackson, and Reagan are all the best classmates that I could have asked for. Everyone in this class made me so happy to come to school and participate in our daily activities. From our random chatter to our articles, we never had a dull moment.
Journalism is by far the class that I will miss the most. As I write this, I have to hold back so many emotions because I have to leave. I never expected that starting this new chapter of my life would be so difficult. I wish that I had more time to spend with everyone.
To the people that are entering this class, cherish it. The students that are already in there are some of the best people that I have ever met. They will make you feel welcome and cared about. Talk to them, and get to know them. You’ll find that they’re all interesting and humorous. Work hard and make the class even better than it was the year before. Care about the class, and the class will care about you.
After this year, I will start at TRC for a year doing pre-dental classes. After that, I will transfer to Ozark Technical Community College to become a dental hygienist. I am excited and at the same time so sad to be leaving PBHS. This bittersweet end is all thanks to Ms. McCart and the journalism class, and I couldn’t thank them enough. This is Tyler Reynolds, signing off for the last time. Thank you all for everything.

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The End of a Journey