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Thank You for Joining this Journey

Noah Daves, Staff Writer

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There comes a time when we must turn the page in our book to continue writing our story.

I began this journey at the start of my junior year, not knowing it would be one of the most progressive, the most eventful, and the most fun journeys I’ve ever embarked on.

I had the privilege of covering some of the biggest events in our district; from our district transition, in which our middle school and our high school swapped buildings with one another; to our football team improving their record by 5 wins, our baseball team going 45-9-1 in the last two years; and an ESPN-ranked 5-star basketball recruit joining our men’s basketball team.

I was bestowed upon with the pleasure of working and peer-editing with the likes of Ethan Gutterman, Tyler Reynolds, Victoria Travers, Megan Kirby, Megan Thomas, Chloe Thomas, Alexa Owings, and Ms. McCart. Our teamwork made the dream work.

I can honestly say that if feels wonderful to know that I was a member of the class that “Made The Bluffer Great Again!”

After high school, I will be attending Three Rivers College to study Emergency Medical Services, in hopes of taking the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians test, to become a licensed Emergency Medical Technician.

I chose to become an Emergency Medical Technician because I have always loved ambulances. I loved seeing the lights flash, the sirens blare, and the diesel engine roar. I love the suspense that comes with being an EMT, as well.

You never know what kinds of people you will come across, you never know what situation you’ll be in, and you never know what the atmosphere of the call will be. All you’re advised of is the patient’s chief complaint. That’s what I love about Emergency Medical Services.

I thank you for joining me on this journey of journalism! Hopefully we’ll cross paths again, someday.


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Thank You for Joining this Journey