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ACT Prep Class

Grace Owings, Co-Editor

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Anyone who wants to improve their ACT scores should definitely come to the PBHS ACT Prep classes. They are every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7:30. They are not mandatory, but anyone who is available and wants to come should. The classes rotate every day from Math, to Science, and to English; in the class you will take a practice test and go over answers on the ones you missed or had questions on. “It helps them get exposed to more test like situations and tests. The more you do the more you’re ready” says, Mrs. Fritts.

Mrs. Fritts, along with Mrs. Callahan and Mrs. Karlish, take time out of their lives to better the education of these students. Mrs. Fritts says the test helps focus on your strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to use them on the test. It helps every student but how much it helps depends on the student. However much you put into it, is what you get back.

These are highly recommended classes for anyone who wants to go to college or wants to boost their ACT score. However, these classes aren’t just for students, these classes are helping your teachers too. “The more you teach something the better you learn it”, any chance a teacher has to help a student be successful is always a good thing. We hope to see you at ACT Prep class Tuesday and Thursday nights!

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ACT Prep Class