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Lego Batman Review

Tyler Reynolds

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Ever since it first appeared on the market, the Lego brand has taken the world by storm with toys, video games, and in the past few years, TV shows and movies. The Lego Movie, which came out in 2014, had a lot going on with a mix of action, catchy songs, and comedy, all wrapped in the little blocks we have all come to love. This year saw the release of Lego Batman, which has a lot of the same stuff, and even some new tricks.

The team that worked on this movie has shown that they know what they needed to improve from the last movie such as repetitive songs and flat characters. Lego Batman finds a way to build on what The Lego Movie started. These movies have known how crazy they have been and rolled with it. Characters such as Alfred, Robin, and Catwoman are all there, along with random characters such as the Kraken and Voldemort show up, and all of the characters are important to the plot. The songs in the original film were good, but grew more repetitive as time advanced. Almost all of the comedy featured in this movie brings out at the very least a smile and there even a handful of serious and touching moments.

There are few notable downsides with this movie. The biggest one would be the length. At two hours and nine minutes, this movie could have used a bit of a trim down. If you enjoyed The Lego Movie three years ago, then you will find a lot to like here in this crazy, funny, and touching film.

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Lego Batman Review