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The Teacher of the Year: 2016-2017

Jackson Winters, Staff Writer

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       It is certain that many people will come into a person’s life, and it is just as certain that only few will stay. Mrs. Fritts, an English teacher in room 505, is the staying kind. An alumni of Arkansas State University, she has been teaching for thirty-one years. When asked about her time spent as a teacher, all she could talk about were her children. The memories made as a teacher will always be associated with her students. She talked about seeing a light bulb come on for students where they had a moment of realization, one in which they realized their passion for studying literature or coming up with their own. She spoke about these students as if they were her children, and after speaking to them it is evident that they felt that way as well. Phrases like “Her classroom felt like home” and “She made me feel cared for” were commonly used in discussion pertaining to Mrs. Fritts. Her classroom was a privilege, and it was because of a passion for students that came to her as easily as breathing does TO the rest of the world. Students may come and go, but the English teacher in room 505 has always left something for them to carry forward. A lesson in literature or a lesson in loving others, Mrs. Fritts has always been the kind to leave a mark on someone’s heart. This, along with her dedication to the district and community, solidifies her position as the district teacher of the year.

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The Teacher of the Year: 2016-2017