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Art Club

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Art Club is a club here at our school run by Mrs. Daniels. The club was started about three years ago by Mrs. Rose and Mrs. Daniels. The club is a very open environment, you can come in and talk about art or if you need to get something off your chest they’re there to listen to you. Mrs. Daniels says she likes the club because it helps students who are nervous about joining sports or other school activities. It makes the students less nervous and they might even make friends they never would have thought to make. The worst part, she says, is having people who are in the club but never come to meetings unless it’s a party.

Art Club meets every Thursday and has a constant 30 members. Every Thursday they get together to make a large range of projects. The club is fun because of the new techniques and the people who get together to do something they love. President Jada Lewis and Vice President Austyn Gibson are in charge of the group under Mrs. Daniels. Every year they pick an artist of the year, this year it will be announced in March. They also do their own fundraising including making the merchandise being sold. Mrs. Daniels makes Art Club sound fun and a homey place for students. There are some great aspects of being in art club.

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Art Club