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Room 500

Tori Travers, Writer

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Trying to find classes that you enjoy at PBHS can be a hard task. Finding classes that relate to your future major and career path produces the same difficulties. When I discovered that the high school offered a Journalism course, it was music to my ears. The Journalism, also known as Newspaper, class is taught by Ms. McCart. To be eligible to enroll in Newspaper, you must have first taken the class Beginning Journalism.

Spending my final semester in high school on the Newspaper team has been a pleasure. It’s been refreshing to collaborate with students my age who share the same goals. I have spent my time in room 500 learning about literature, independently researching, and writing about my favorite topics.

Since the Newspaper team is hand picked by Ms. McCart, we ended up being a small staff. By the end of the year, we developed a good chemistry and were able to peer edit at a fast rate. Before posting articles, we get two students in the class to edit our work and offer his or her feedback. The system works well, and our newspaper website, The Bluffer, gets updated about every week.

Other than the newspaper website, a select group of students ran our weekly student announcement broadcasts. We own many high quality cameras and tripods. Students in class can take different roles in our broadcasting program, filming, film editing, news reporting, and many more.

Taking this course has been so satisfying, and I’m confident that completing it will benefit me as I head to Journalism School at the University of Missouri. To be honest, my senior year schedule consisted primarily of time-filler classes, and taking a course that helped me properly prepare for my future meant the world to me. Ms. McCart, as my teacher, and my classmates have put the cherry on top of a fantastic class for me at PBHS.

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Room 500