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My Time with The Bluffer

Ethan Gutterman

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My time with The Bluffer was well spent. I met many new people, and I have a wonderful time working with all of the classmates inside the classroom.Towards the beginning of the year our staff was always coming up with great ideas, and we still are. I really enjoy how all of us work with each other and we are all able to cover almost every aspect of the school. My favorite part of The Bluffer would have to be all of my classmates (staff) that I get to work with daily!

My week with The Bluffer, always starts out working with Tyler Reynolds on the digital broadcasting of announcements. Tyler and I both come into the class, read over the announcements a couple of times, and then sit down to start recording. During the announcements, I always feel like time is not on our hands just because Monday’s are a little crazy here. Tyler and I have to decide who is going to say what, and if we mess up, we have to redo the announcement. Once the announcements are done, it is time to head on over to the computer to edit, and get the video ready for the public. Editing is not so rough since Tyler and I have learned how to edit efficiently, but there are times where editing can take a while if we mess up. Once the editing is done, the video is ready for the public, and The Bluffer YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4GtOIAmOQFinUn2fqyVKw) Once the video goes live, it always a sigh of relief. We always try to to get the video live within the time allotted for the class. Sometimes it is a rush, sometimes it isn’t!

Tuesday-Friday is always a great time with the staff. Tuesday, we all come in and talk with our instructor, Ms. McCart, on what articles we are going to write for the week. Once all of our articles are assigned, it is time to begin the pre-writing process. The prewriting process can be anywhere from getting pictures, to having an interview with someone. Once the prewriting is done, it is time to get to work on the article. Here at The Bluffer, we try to get the articles out weekly. This allows us to maintain a schedule, and it pushes everyone in the class to stay on task, and remain focused. Once the article is written, it is sent off to two classmates for editing. Once the editing is done, it is time for the article to go live to the public. Once the article goes live, it is time to start work on the next article, if you have another to write. Once my article(s) go live, I always like to see what people are saying about them. Most of the time I will go and tell people, and always enjoy feedback from the other people outside of The Bluffer staff. If I do not have another to work on for the week, I always enjoy brainstorming for another article for the following week, or looking into ways to improve the digital broadcasting.

Overall, my time with The Bluffer was a wonderful time. I enjoyed working with everyone, and I would like to thank everyone on the staff for such a wonderful time inside and outside the class. My favorite thing to work on with The Bluffer would have to have been the announcements. It was such a fun time working with Tyler, and seeing all the different ideas we were able to come up. Tyler Reynolds, thank you so much for working with me on the announcements, and I hope they go great for you and the rest of the staff in the future. The Bluffer will always remain special to me. I will continue to work with the staff on whatever they need. I hope all of the ideas that came up inside the classroom will be able to happen, and I wish the best of luck to the entire Bluffer staff. Thank you to all of the staff, and everyone who made my time with The Bluffer such an amazing time!

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My Time with The Bluffer