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Club of the Week- Drama Club

Ethan Gutterman

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Drama Club has been around for quite some time now here at PBHS. Drama Club started back in the 1980’s, and some of the first plays were held in the annex at the Junior High. In the year 2000, Mrs. Seifert (the retired director)  was given a very generous donation to build a theatre for the Drama Club department. The Theatre was built in 2000, and still remains at the old High School building. The theatre is still used by the Drama Club for all of their plays, and some school activities are held there.

Currently, Drama Club is ran by Director Mr. Hubrecht, and Co-Director Mrs. Wolk. The two have been director, and co-director for two years now, and both say they love it very much! They both have said that they have many plans for Drama Club in the future! At the time of this article, Drama Club is working on their play “Just So Stories”, and all the members of Drama Club have said they are having a wonderful time working on the play!

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Club of the Week- Drama Club