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Doctor Strange Review

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        Dr. Steven Strange was a nationally renowned neurosurgeon with an ego that can only be compared to Tony Stark. After a car crash, his hands are left in a state of decay. Dr. Strange tries as many medical procedures as he can, spending money that he doesn’t have, and nothing works. After finding a man he had formerly turned away due to deeming the condition of spine to be irreparable, he discovers that the man is seemingly healed. After talking to the man and spending the last of his money, Strange winds up in Kathmandu in search of a special group of monks. What he discovers leads to an almost surprisingly entertaining entry in the MCU.

        Doctor Strange had a lot of speculation leading up to its release. From the teaser trailer onward, the movie looked to be one of the weirdest outings for Marvel. Past movies have had gods, former Nazi assassins, and a huge green scientist, but had never dealt with outright magic. Doctor Strange is, at the moment, Marvel’s strangest film. This movie can be described as Inception on steroids. The world around the characters are bent to their will, folded like origami at a moments notice. However, unlike Inception, the viewer is not left wondering whether what they’re seeing is reality.

        A big selling point for Doctor Strange is getting to see Benedict Cumberbatch in a Marvel movie. He definitely holds the movie together, and does a wonderful job as Steven Strange. Having an ego and arrogance the size of Tony Stark, his character is put through the ringer coming to terms with the fact that not everything is about him. However, with Benedict being the high point, Mads Mikkelsen is the worst part of the movie. He plays Kaecilius, the main villain, and the biggest complaint is that he isn’t given much to do. This problem plagues almost every Marvel film, however, so this is more of a complaint with the MCU as a whole. Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mordo are two other highlights, while Rachel McAdams as Strange’s love interest Christine Palmer suffers from not having much to do, like Kaecilius.

        Overall, Doctor Strange is another Marvel movie that is just as entertaining as the rest. This film proves that Marvel can take on almost any subject and turn it into profit. If this kind of momentum continues and Marvel doesn’t make a bad film, then Infinity War is going to blow everyone’s minds.

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Doctor Strange Review